5 Medical Benefits of Using Stevia

Medical Benefits of Using Stevia

Organic living is becoming the trend nowadays since people are becoming more conscious with their health and wellness amidst the modernization of our technology. People tend to go back to basics, where herbal plants are believed to give healthful benefits than those artificially made consumer products and medicines. Stevia has become one of the most sought after herbal plants deemed and proven to provide not just the sweet taste to our food but also medical benefits to our growing nation.

Stevia is a shrub-like herb that was discovered centuries ago by the natives of Paraguay, the Guarani Indians. Though initially used as a natural sweetener by this indigenous group of people, their consumption of the plant was also due to the medical benefits of stevia such as aiding digestion and balancing blood sugar. In fact, studies have shown that there is a huge difference in using stevia over sugar and the benefits are amazing.


Health Benefits of Using Stevia:

  • Stevia helps with weight loss

If you love sweets but are afraid of gaining weight, stevia is perfect for you. One of the top stevia benefits that is enjoyed by all of its consumers is its no carbohydrates, no calories attributes. Despite its sweetening effect, stevia will not jeopardize your healthy diet unlike regular sugar. In addition, it suppresses your cravings which allow you to lessen the number of meals you eat in a day. Stevia also acts as an energy booster. Lastly, it helps consumers control their blood glucose levels which, in turn, help them control weight gain.


  • Stevia lowers blood pressure

This sweet shrub has several properties that can help treat hypertension and keep blood pressure at a normal level. Consuming stevia will dilate your blood vessels, cause you to pee often, and increase the elimination of sodium in your body. All three of these can cause the reduction of elevated blood pressure levels.


  • Stevia stabilizes blood sugar

Having low sugar content is not the only way stevia is able to stabilize a person’s blood sugar. Though it is a great deal sweeter than sugar, it actually lessens glucose absorption. This is because its glycosides are not metabolized and accumulated in the body. Instead, they are excreted in urine. In addition to this, studies have shown that aside from lowering blood sugar, stevia can also inhibit a person’s craving for foods that are sweet or oily. It also causes an increase in the body’s insulin resistance.  These various benefits of stevia allow it to be one of the best sugar alternatives for diabetics and hypoglycemics.


  • Stevia has anti-bacterial properties

For centuries, the Guarani Indians have been using stevia not only because of its sweetening property but also due to its antibacterial properties. And studies have also shown that the plant’s antibacterial properties are able to help relieve or treat different kinds of infections or illnesses such as gingivitis, cavities, eczema, acne, and sores. In fact, in some cases, stevia can actually help suppress the growth of bacteria such as streptococcus and those found in gums and teeth. In addition, stevia concentrate can be applied to wounds in order to speed up the healing process and even prevent scarring.


  • Stevia aids calcium formation

Though yet to be proven definitively among humans, the consumption of stevia is believed to increase the absorption of calcium in the body and aid in enhancing bone density. Tests done on the eggshells of chickens showed that chickens that are fed with a mixture of regular feed and stevia leaf powder resulted in an increase in the metabolism of calcium in the chickens. In addition, their eggs had significantly tougher shells, decreasing the chances of the shell breaking by 75%. With this kind of result, it is believed that taking stevia can help the growth of bones in both women and children.


There are other health benefits gained from the use of stevia. These include the ability to heartburn, indigestion, dandruff, and inflammation. It has also been discovered that the plant contains several antioxidant compounds including kaempferol which has been found to decrease the chances of pancreatic cancer by 23%. In addition, since stevia is an herb, it contains vitamins and minerals, particularly those that are not found in any other artificial sweetener. With stevia as your sugar alternative, the benefits to your health give you more than enough reason to switch from sugar or artificial to something completely natural.

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