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Stevia ChocolateCraving for the taste of some delicious chocolate undoubtedly often reminds you of the calories and carbohydrates that go along with eating it. Fortunately, nowadays, you can easily grab a stevia chocolate product to satisfy the urge without feeling any guilt. Chocolate made with stevia sweetner has definitely made life sweeter for many, if not all, of us.

These days, chocolate lovers (and even those who occasionally just need a nibble of chocolate) are joining a multitude of customers around the world who are enjoying the existence of the glucose-free, zero-calorie, and naturally derived sweetener called stevia.

From milk products and marmalades to soups and sodas, stevia is fast becoming one of the top choices for healthy sweetener options. Coffee lovers are using stevia as a sugar alternative. Those who love to bake are incorporating stevia brands as their sweetener in their favorite cake or muffin recipes. Those who love desserts are definitely over the moon because of chocolate with stevia.

Aside from the health benefits that come with stevia, it stands out among other sugar substitutes like aspartame, neotame, and saccharin because stevia tastes better than the said substitutes. Most stevia brands used to sweeten food products have none of the bitter and “metallic” aftertaste usually associated with other sweeteners. Chocolatiers and chocolate-makers thatuse stevia are able to produce tasty sugar-free chocolates.

So, if you are one of the many chocolate lovers who are on the lookout for the best stevia chocolate products out there, you may want to try the best tasting stevia chocolate products from the most popular and trusted stevia brands.


Stevia Chocolate: Which Brands Are the Most Popular?

Cavalier Belgian Chocolates

Cavalier Belgian Chocolates with Stevia

When we think of Belgian chocolate, every chocolate lover surely drools over the fine, smooth taste that Belgian chocolates are best known for. For centuries, the world has known Belgian chocolates as the bar of excellence in chocolate artistry. This is the kind of excellence that Belgian chocolate company Cavalier infuses in their stevia chocolate product collection.

Developing and producing sugar-free chocolates since 1996, multi-awarded brand Cavalier launched its stevia chocolate range in 2011. In 2012, the company bagged the International Sweets and Biscuits Fair Innovation as well as the World Stevia Organization and Theo awards for several of its stevia chocolate products. It earned Fairtrade certification in 2012. This certification attracted an additional chunk of Fairtrade conscious consumers into its fold.

Cavalier offers a diverse and refreshing array of chocolate products to suit every craving. There are about 200 products to choose from, each of them is laced with the goodness of stevia. For starters, you might try Cavalier’s bestselling Berries Dark stevia chocolate variant. It has a mixture of luscious blackcurrants, blueberries, and raspberries.


Villars Maitres Chocolatiers

Villars Stevia ChocolateIf you seek more than just an ordinary stevia chocolate experience, go a notch higher, and marvel in the elegance of Villars Maitres Chocolatiers chocolates from Switzerland. With more than a hundred years of tradition, this chocolate company is known worldwide for chocolates that bear the taste of Swiss perfection.

From filled chocolate bars to patisserie chocolates to liqueur filled concoctions, Villars Maitres Chocolatiers offer almost every kind of fancy fare that will surely hook chocolate lovers. Discover one of its stevia chocolate specialties – 70% Dark Chocolate Bar. It boasts of the richness of Swiss chocolate but provides all the goodness of reduced sugar and calories.


Coco Polo, The Stevia Chocolate Company

Coco Polo Chocolate Sweetened with SteviaIt took almost ten years for Coco Polo to realize their vision of perfectly bold and balanced satisfying chocolate with stevia. They launched their stevia chocolate product line in 2011.

Coco Polo offers a unique line of stevia chocolates. They masterfully produce delightfully tasting chocolates by using fine quality and naturally refined cocoa that enhances rather than competes with the sweetness of stevia. Coco Polo banks on the enormous health benefits and rich taste of cocoa processed together with high grade, natural stevia extracts to create delicious chocolate bars that are fast gaining prominence among stevia chocolate aficionados.

Cadenza is Coco Polo’s latest chocolate line. It is one of the best if not THE best tasting chocolate in the world. Each Coco Polo dark chocolate is 70% cocoa base while its milk chocolates are 39% cocoa base. It is sold in six variants – plain, cocoa nibs, dry and roasted almonds, ginger, tart cherries, and Elderberry fruit.


Indeed, with the introduction of stevia into the chocolate manufacturing business, sugar-free chocolates have never tasted better. You definitely won’t be hard-pressed to find some stevia chocolate for you whether you like your stevia chocolate pure or with additional flavors like nuts and fruits.

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