Most Popular Stevia Products in the Market Today

Most Popular Stevia ProductsThe popularity of stevia products as a natural substitute for the more commonly available sugar has grown in recent years. Since the US Food and Drugs Authority officially declared stevia safe for public consumption in 2008, many stevia products have appeared in health and wellness shops.

Stevia, which is derived from a plant native to the South American region, was already being used as an herbal tea and a natural food supplement even before it was certified safe for human consumption. When steeped in hot water, stevia leaves produce a naturally sweet brew that also helps curb a drinker’s craving for sweets.

In addition to stevia’s being several times sweeter than sugar, it has none of the usual negative health effects found in artificial sweeteners like aspartame, neotame, and saccharin. Thus, it is of no surprise that (even if a lot of food and drinks are marketed as sugar-free) many choose to use stevia products.


Top 5 Stevia Products

While there are a lot of stevia products out there, there are some that stand out from the rest. For those who are looking for the best stevia brand and products out there, you should check out the list of the most popular stevia products according to the Stevia Organization’s 2012 Stevia Tasteful Awards below:


  • SweetLeaf’s Liquid Stevia Sweet Drops

Sweet Leaf's Sweet Drops

Sweet Drops is a liquid extract made only from high-grade stevia leaves, purified water, and natural food grade flavoring. It is manufactured by one of the most popular stevia brands – SweetLeaf. Sweet Drops has neither artificial chemicals nor additives.

As a liquid extract, Sweet Drops can be added to sweeten foods and drinks. It can also be used in baking and cooking. Because every bottle of Sweet Drops provides concentrated liquid stevia extract, just a drop of this delicious sweetener and flavoring goes a long way.

Sweet Drops comes in an easy-to-use and easy-to-carry dropper bottle. It comes in 17 deliciously tempting variants. Fruity flavors include Apricot Nectar, Berry, Coconut, Grape, Hazelnut, Lemon Drop, Valencia Orange, and Watermelon. Those who prefer the tastes of Chocolate, Chocolate Raspberry, Cinnamon, Cola, English Toffee, Peppermint, Root Beer, and Vanilla Crème will not be disappointed for these flavors are available, too.


  • Deliciously with Stevia Extracts – Berries Dark by Cavalier

Deliciously with Stevia Extracts - Berries Dark by Cavalier

Who said chocolate and candy are only for the sugar lovers and that sugar-free chocolates need to taste bland and paper-like? With Cavalier’s line of stevia chocolates, you can grab a piece of stevia candy and eat your heart out.

Cavalier offers a refreshing and delicious array of chocolates to suit your every stevia candy craving. The Berries Dark variant (a mixture of succulent tasting raspberries, blueberry, and blackcurrant) is by far the most raved about.


  • Dessert Chocolate Fondant by Cavalier

 Dessert Chocolate Fondant by Cavalier

If the number of awards it garnered is an indication, Cavalier may be the best stevia brand out there when it comes to concocting great tasting stevia products. Its Dessert Chocolate Fondant is also among those recognized as the top stevia products today. Made with only the best and purest chocolate, this stevia-sweetened chocolate fondant is ideal for baking or for drizzling pastries and desserts with guilt-free chocolate.


  • Nice Tea by Biodrinks

 Nice Tea by Biodrinks

Biodrinks’ Nice Tea is a mix of organically grown tea leaves, fruit juices, and sweet extracts of stevia combined to create an exceptional flavor. Its all-natural and sucrose-free ingredients make the caloric content of Nice Tea low.

This drink mix is loaded with antioxidants which give the body natural protection from the harmful effects of toxins and free radicals. Therefore, Nice Tea is best for those on the lookout for great tasting stevia products that not only offer low to zero calories but also provide health benefits.


  • Villars Stevia Chocolat by Villars Maitres Chocolatiers

 Villars Stevia Chocolat by Villars Maitres Chocolatiers

Seeking elegance in your dessert? Villars Maitres Chocolatiers offers delectable chocolates backed by more than a century of experience in creating perfect Swiss chocolates. Its 70% Dark Chocolate variant makes use of the goodness of stevia to craft a chocolate that is both mildly sweet and rich without much sugar. This stevia product is best for those who have a desire to eat tasty chocolates but are intent in moderating their intake of calories and carbohydrates that come naturally with sweet fares.


A note of caution though, some products which are made with Rebiana (a chemical derivative of stevia) are misleadingly labeled as “Stevia.” Therefore, before buying stevia products, you have to read the labels to make sure you are getting the real deal.


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