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Sweetleaf Stevia has been changing lives for years now. It has SweetLeaf Stevia Productsenabled people to indulge in their desire to taste sweet food and beverages without the fear of acquiring any unhealthy effects on their physical wellness.


What Is Sweetleaf Stevia?

Sweetleaf Stevia is one of the most popular stevia brands, providing high-quality, naturally extracted (using only cool purified water) stevia products. Itis a natural sweetener that contains no calories, no carbohydrates, a zero glycemic index, and, best of all, made of pure natural extracts from stevia plants. The stevia plant is a known herb that is able to provide the same sweetness of regular sugar. Discovered by people of Paraguay, it made its way to popularity when scientists and experts found numerous healthy benefits a person can get from consuming either the plant itself or its nourishing extracts.


A Glimpse of the History of Sweetleaf Stevia

Sweetleaf Stevia is regarded as America’s original stevia-based sweetener and has gained lots of excellent awards. And it would not be possible if not for Mr. James May, the man behind this popular stevia brand.

Sometime in 1982, a Peace Corps worker introduced Mr. James Ray to the stevia plant which he learned could be 30 times sweeter than sugar if the leaves were of high quality. He also learned that the plant was originally called by people of Guarani tribe as ka-a-hee meaning sweet herb and had been used by them for centuries. It was their long period of use that made him certain of the plant’s safety.

Before he created Sweetleaf Stevia, Mr. James Ray had been an advocate of living a healthy life. And though the numerous health benefits have been touted by the Guarani Indians as well as others for years, it was the sweet taste of stevia that convinced him to pursue a new direction in his life. He invested all of his savings to become the first person to manufacture and market stevia products to the entire United States. He gained permission from the local FDA office in his area to distribute stevia with the assurance that it would not be harmful to consumers. To ensure that his company had a steady source of high quality stevia plants, Mr. Ray persuaded Latin American farmers to plant and grow stevia which he will, in turn, buy instead of illegal crops like marijuana and coca for cocaine. James Ray’s first product was Yerba Mate Royale which is Yerba Mate tea sweetened with stevia.

Unfortunately, in 1985, Mr. Ray was summoned by his local FDA office and ordered him to stop bringing his sweetener to the US though he was still allowed to sell his Yerba Mate Royale Tea. It took 10 years before the FDA finally approved the use of stevia and stevioside as dietary supplements. By 1996, Sweetleaf Stevia sweetener was introduced to the US market. As soon as it was officially launched, consumers became smitten because of its exceptionally sweet taste and numerous health benefits. Sweetleaf Stevia products such as stevia drops and powder can be seen in local grocery stores and health stores. It became popular among homemakers and people who want to manage their sugar intake such as diabetics, hypo/hyperglycemia patients, and those who simply want to live a healthier lifestyle.

Today, Sweetleaf Stevia remains one of the leading stevia brands in the United States. It was the first stevia-based sweetener to receive the Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) status in the country. It has also received a “No Questions” letter from the FDA which testified to its safety. Its widespread use is due not only to the fact that it is made from high quality stevia leaves. It is also because the company uses only cool, purified water in its extraction process, negating the need for any enzymes, alcohols, chemicals, or solvents. In addition, this sweetener is able to promote good health digestion as well as immune function.

Whichever Sweetleaf Steviaproduct you choose, whether it’s the liquid extract or the stevia drops, you can be assured that you get quality. Thus, there is no doubt that this brand will continue to prosper and provide more than its sweet taste to people around the world. Though regular sugar is still widely available in the market, it doesn’t mean that you should settle for something unhealthy. With Sweetleaf Stevia, you truly can have your cake and eat it too.

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