Top 5 Stevia Drinks

There are negative connotations when it comes to drinking soda. This is mostly because of its sugar content and the negative effects it can bring to anyone’s health. Thanks to the invention of stevia drinks, all of us can now enjoy these sweetened drinks without worrying about negative consequences!

Because of the popular health benefits of stevia, the major manufacturing brands in the market have also jumped into the wagon of providing healthy drinks sweetened with stevia. Enumerated below is the list of stevia drinks approved by health experts.


Most Popular Stevia Drinks

Stevia Drinks - Sprite Green1. Sprite Green. This is one of the many stevia drinks today that has become widely patronized by health conscious individuals, particularly young adults. Sprite Green is a product of Coca Cola and uses the Truvia brand as their stevia sweetener. The product’s initial introduction was held in New York and Chicago. Sprite Green is a reduced calorie version of Sprite and an addition to their line of healthy drinks. The Cola Cola Company claimed that Sprite Green has 50 calories per 8.5 ounce serving and 5% lemon juice. Now, there is no need to step back when you feel the thirst for soda as Sprite Green is widely available and quite delicious to boot.


Stevia Drinks - Sobe Life Water2. Sobe Life Water. If Cola Cola Company has Sprite Green, the Pepsi Company has its very own healthy stevia drink which is the zero calorie version of Sobe Life Water. It comes in three different flavors:  Yumberry Pomegranate, Fuji Apple Pear, and Black and Blue Berry. These drinks are sweetened with the stevia brand PureVia which is manufactured by Whole Earth Sweetener Company. Not only do these stevia drinks sound delicious but according to Pepsi’s official press release, Sobe Life Water could also give any individual a full day’s supply of Vitamin C. In addition to that, a bottle of zero-calorie Sobe Life Water can also provide 20% of the recommended daily value of Vitamin E as well as 10% of the recommended daily value of Vitamins B6, B12, Niacin or B3, and Pantothenic Acid or B5.


Stevia Drinks - Zevia3. Zevia. From name itself, Zevia is another one of those stevia drinks that provide soda drinkers another reason why they should not fear drinking soda these days. In 2007, Zevia Zero Calorie Soda was born somewhere in Seattle. They use stevia sweeteners made by Sweet Green Fields. The drink comes in flavors like Lemon Lime Twist and Orange Soda. Zevia’s main mission is to provide healthy drinks all over the world. They aim to keep people hydrated and refreshed without the need to stop indulging their sweet cravings. Zevia is now more popular in most parts of Southern California since the company moved from Seattle to Los Angeles.


Stevia Drinks - Hartwell Juices4. Hartwall Water and Beverages. Hartwall is the first company in Finland to introduce stevia drinks using steviol glycosides which is an extract that comes from stevia plants. Hartwall believed that there was a huge potential in the market for drinks sweetened with stevia. As usual, due to the popularity of stevia sweeteners and its numerous health benefits, the innovation of healthy stevia soft drinks was pushed through by Hartwall. The company has even continued to provide research and studies on the use of stevia. As of today, Hartwall still dominates the market with their product in its home country.


Stevia Drinks - Del Monte Fruit Juices5. Del Monte Fruit Juices (Naturally Light). Another popular company that has decided to provide healthy stevia drinks to their worldwide consumers is Del Monte Food Corporation. In partnership with the Gerber Juice Company, they have come up with fruit juices that are naturally low in calories and sweetened with stevia. Because these contain only half the amount of calories and sugar normally found in fruit juices and similar beverages, it has become a popular choice for consumers that prefer this type of drink.



Consuming sweetened drinks has often been regarded as a guilty pleasure. And there is no question as to why that is. Fortunately, the introduction of stevia drinks has made it possible to indulge in such a pleasure. Today, diet sodas and beverages have steadily been replaced by stevia drinks in almost all parts of the world. There are more than enough types of stevia drinks for every type of consumer, ranging from teas to stevia soft drinks. Though the above mentioned have become the most popular, you definitely won’t have any difficulty in finding the drink that suits you as there are loads more for you to choose from.



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