Top 5 Stevia Sweeteners

Nowadays, a lot of products focus on improving the health of consumers. There are diet supplements, cosmetics, exercise equipment, food, and other kinds of products that promote healthier lifestyles and bodies. Some of these products are Stevia sweeteners that come in various forms: liquid, powder, dried leaves, etc. They are also carried by a lot of brands that promote Stevia natural sweetener. Among these brands, which carries the best Stevia product? Even if they all use Stevia natural sweetener, every brand has some characteristics that differentiate them from others. To narrow down your choices for the best Stevia product, here are the top 5 Stevia sweeteners.



Sweetleaf Stevia Sweeteners

This brand is the original stevia-based sweetener in the United States. SweetLeaf is free from chemicals, calories, and carbohydrates.  Plus, it has a zero glycemic index rate which means that it does not affect your blood sugar levels. The founder of Sweetleaf, Mr. James May, realized that using Stevia leaves to make a natural sweetener was a healthier alternative to using sugar. He took a risk and invested most of his savings in the manufacturing and marketing of Stevia products in the American market. Because of his efforts, SweetLeaf became the first recipient of the GRAS – Generally Recognized As Safe – status for Stevia products. SweetLeaf uses high-quality Stevia leaves and uses purified water to extract their naturally sweet taste.


Pure Via

Pure Via Stevia Sweeteners

Another popular brand of Stevia sweeteners is Pure Via. Like SweetLeaf, Pure Via has zero calories. Its key sweetening ingredient is Stevia leaf extract – Rebaudioside A. Pure Via is manufactured by the Whole Earth Sweetener Company. As in its name, Pure Via is made from all natural Stevia. The brand comes in three different packet sizes – 40, 80, and 800. The easily dissolved Stevia powder is best used to sweeten liquids, hot or cold. Pure Via also has a granulated form of Stevia, which is ideal for cooking and baking.


Stevia in the Raw

Stevia in the Raw Sweetener

In the Raw has a line of raw and natural sweeteners, and one of them is Stevia in the Raw. Aside from having no calories, Stevia in the Raw is also gluten-free. This product line has three items: tablets, the bakers bag, and packets. Don’t be fooled by the small tablets of Stevia in the Raw as one tablet is already equivalent to a tablespoon of sugar. You can dissolve the tablets in either hot or cold drinks. The bakers bag is of course meant for baking. Use it to decrease the calories in your baked goods. Like one Stevia in the Raw tablet, one packet is also equivalent to one tablespoon of sugar. It can be mixed with drinks or sprinkled on food like cereals and fruits.



NuNaturals Stevia Sweeteners

NuNaturals is part of the NNFA – National Nutritional Foods Association and has been providing consumers with nutritional supplements for over 18 years now.  They have a wide range of Stevia sweeteners that are a mix of liquid, powder, and tablets. Their liquid Stevia sweeteners come in a variety of flavors such as chocolate, lemon, orange, peppermint, and vanilla. These flavors can surely enhance the taste of your drinks. They have the white powder form of Stevia as well as the Stevia Baking Blend powder which can be a dietary supplement in your baking recipes. The Stevia tablets from NuNaturals can be easily broken into smaller pieces in case you need to use less Stevia sweetness.


Now Foods Better Stevia Sweeteners

Now Foods Better Stevia Sweeteners

NOW has been manufacturing and distributing various health supplements and products for over 60 years. Their Stevia sweeteners, more popularly known as Better Stevia, have no calories, artificial colors and artificial flavors. They boast of a clean, sweet taste and have a low glycemic impact. Their line of Stevia sweeteners features various liquids and powders. Better Stevia packets come in 35, 45, 75, 100, and 100-packet boxes. Their line of Stevia liquid extracts also come in different flavors: dark chocolate, French vanilla, hazelnut, lemon, and original. Other Better Stevia products include extract powders, glyrcerite, tablets, and many more. They even have a variety of Better Stevia Beverages that come in lemon, berry, grape, hot cocoa, pomegranate, and tropical punch flavors; these are conveniently packaged in slender sticks.


There are other brands of Stevia sweeteners available in the market. They come in various forms and are used for different purposes. You can try them one by one to see which brands or products suit your taste and purpose. In any case, using Stevia can greatly affect your lifestyle, so it definitely won’t hurt you to try all of them out.

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