Making Stevia Sweetened Ice Cream

Stevia Sweetened Ice CreamThe heat during the summer months can be unbearable and increase your urge to eat or drink something to cool you down. One of the most well-loved and popular summer treats to beat the heat is, of course, ice cream! And with so many people wanting to have beach-ready bodies, who would say no to stevia sweetened ice cream? Yes, you can actually use stevia to sweeten and make your own ice cream! There are various stevia recipes online and a lot of them feature different ice cream flavors. Screaming for more stevia sweetened ice cream? Read on!

In earlier times, when the refrigerator was not invented yet, it was laborious to make ice cream since the ice needed for cooling it had to be collected from frozen lakes and ponds in the winter. It was then stored in ground holes or brick or wood ice houses, with straw as insulation. Ice cream was made manually in a huge bowl placed in a tub filled with salt and ice. Because of the tedious preparation, ice cream then was considered a luxury! These days, though, ice cream is made with machines, but you can also make stevia sweetened ice cream in your own kitchen!

Now, we all know that ice cream is a popular frozen dessert that is often made from dairy products like cream and milk, and then combined with other flavors and ingredients like fruits and nuts. It is usually sweetened with sugar, but alternative sweeteners, such as stevia, can also be used. The ingredients are slowly mixed together while being stirred and cooled for the incorporation of air and prevention of ice crystal formation. If you want to try your hand at making ice cream sweetened with stevia, check out our recipe below.


Recipe for Stevia Sweetened Ice Cream:

You can change the amounts of the ingredients for this stevia sweetened ice cream, especially the amount of stevia you use. A small quantity of stevia can be really sweet, so it is better to put in a small amount first, and then experiment with it later on. Here are the ingredients you need to make stevia sweetened ice cream:

1-2 eggs

2 cups of cream (heavy or light, depending on your preference)

1 cup of milk (you can use skim or soy milk, or whichever kind of milk you prefer)

½ to 2/3 teaspoon of stevia powder

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract (or any other flavouring you prefer)

Have a wide plastic or metal bowl ready. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly to make your ice cream base. Using a metal or plastic bowl will make the mixture freeze better as it allows more air in it, making it creamier.

When you are done mixing, let the mixture cool in the fridge for at least one hour or until it is fully chilled. After which, keep it in the freezer for around 30-40 minutes.

After the allotted time, take the mixture out. Expect it to be frozen on the outside edges but with a soft inside. Beat this mixture manually or with a mixer until it becomes smooth again. Doing this will increase the air in the mixture as well as break up any ice crystal formation. When the mixture is smoothened, place it back in the freezer for another 30-40 minutes. Do the cycle of freezing and beating thrice. Add the vanilla extract or your preferred flavouring or other ingredients like strawberries, nuts, etc. before the last cycle. By now, the mixture should be thick enough to blend well and prevent your flavouring from settling at the bottom. After the last cycle, your stevia sweetened ice cream is now ready to be served or frozen for long-term storage.

Because this is manually or hand-made ice cream, it is harder than ice cream made from a machine. So you may want to “thaw” it a bit before serving. If you prefer to use a machine, you can purchase a gel tumbler ice cream maker from a lot of stores that sell kitchen stuff. Just follow the manufacturer’s instructions when mixing your ingredients in the machine.


You can search for a variety of stevia recipes particularly stevia sweetened ice cream on the Internet. Or ask your friends who also use stevia to prepare their food and beverages. You may be able to share recipes and cooking or baking tips with each other!  You can also experiment with other ingredients or flavors, so you can enjoy a lot of ice cream variants in your own home. Prepare to beat the summer heat with this refreshingly sweet treat!

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