The Stevia Cookbook: A Review

The Stevia CookbookIf you love cooking, and stevia has become your go-to alternative to sugar, chances are you also would love to own a good stevia cookbook – a cookbook that contains stevia recipes for most types of food or beverages that you are accustomed to. If you go online, you will find that there actually are many stevia cookbooks. So which one should you get a copy of?


The Stevia Cookbook: Cooking with Nature’s Calorie-Free Sweetener

This wonderful cookbook, written by Ray Sahelian and Donna Gates, has more than 100 full-of-flavor stevia recipes for a variety of meals ranging from delicious dinners and energy-giving breakfasts to hearty desserts and exciting appetizers. All the instructions are written in a detailed and clear manner. They are easy to follow-even for a newbie cook. Sahelian and Gates assure that the recipes found in this stevia cookbook are fail proof and enjoyable to prepare. With The Stevia Cookbook, you can have the benefit of munching on no-sugar versions of your much loved dishes, devoid of guilt, calories, or health perils.

The more than a hundred recipes with stevia included in The Stevia Cookbook are well thought out. The ingredients and the ways they are to be prepared show that the authors had the health of readers in mind when they were putting the recipes together. The Stevia Cookbook was compiled, researched, evaluated, and transformed into a nifty and interesting cookbook by a medical doctor (Sahelian) and a nutritional consultant (Gates). Down to its last page, this stevia cookbook keeps true to the promise of offering the health benefits that shot stevia to prominence as the leader in healthy, friendly alternatives to the dangerously carbohydrate and calorie-laden sugar.

There is more to Sahelian and Gates’ stevia cookbook than just satisfying and mouthwatering recipes with stevia though. Aside from the sumptuous meals that readers can glean from The Stevia Cookbook, the book also offers a wealth of information on the cookbook’s true star, stevia.

From the sweetener’s history, the wheeling and dealing with the US Food and Drug Association, literature on the safety and health benefits of stevia, to a helpful survey of issues and health risks associated with widely available yet contested artificial sweeteners. A feast of helpful information is served by this stevia cookbook on a silver platter consisting of close to 200 pages.

The authors of The Stevia Cookbook trace, in a conversational and engaging discourse, the use of stevia in South American history (as a plant with sweet tasting leaves eaten raw or steeped in tea), the spread of its usage and popularity to the shores of North America and Asia, and its uphill battle to earn the US FDA’s seal of health approval.

The book also outlines useful information on how to cultivate, gather, prepare, and extract stevia. In addition, it relates what weather and soil conditions are ideal for cultivating, gathering, preparing, and extracting stevia.  What’s more, a cooking aficionado would find this stevia cookbook most helpful as it provides practical tips and suggestions on how to prepare, use, measure, and convert stevia when cooking, baking, or preparing just about any dish or beverage.

Every once in a while, a valuable cookbook that attracts the attention of the readers and opens the door to a whole new experience of enjoying the daily and routinary processes of preparing a meal is published. Whether buoyed by the clarity of instructions, the mouth-watering appeal of photographs, interesting background information on the ingredients used, or simply the promise of enjoying your hearty labor of love, good cookbooks are quintessential treasures whether for a cooking newbie or a seasoned chef on a quest for new variations to old recipes. The Stevia Cookbook: Cooking with Nature’s Calorie-Free Sweetener does just that and a whole lot more.

It provides not only helpful stevia recipes but also practical information on the health benefits of using stevia. It even discusses the political and economic issues surrounding the use of stevia. It is a recipe book, a historical account, and a practical book of information all rolled into one.

So when you grab a copy of this stevia cookbook, be prepared not only to tickle your taste buds with something extraordinary but also to stimulate your mind as well.

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