Tips for Cooking with Stevia

Cooking with Stevia TipsWhile most sweeteners have become popular as a substitute for sugar in drinks, stevia is not limited to just sweetening beverages. Many have found that cooking with stevia is also an option. This is because, unlike artificial sweeteners, the heat from cooking and baking does not break down the glycosides found in stevia. Since it has become widely known as the best alternative to sugar, stevia is now a major staple in many households today, allowing individuals to create the same sweet taste in their favorite food and drinks without worries and guilt.

Now, there is a huge difference in cooking with stevia compared to cooking with sugar but this should not hinder you from choosing which sweetener can give the most health benefits. As commonly stated, stevia gives more health value to its consumers unlike sugar. Though it doesn’t take a culinary genius to use stevia when cooking or baking, it’s also best if you know some tips or tricks in using this natural sweetener when in the kitchen.


Cooking With Stevia – What You Need To Know

If you love to cook for your family, then cooking with stevia will make you even more inspired to prepare meals because what you know that you are serving them food that is quite healthy and still tasty. But along with being inspired is the challenge coveted with the main sweet ingredients. However, cooking with stevia, as was previously mentioned, is not the same or as easy as using sugar in your cooking. It actually can result in a lot of trial and error. This is because the measurements used for cooking with sugar are not the same as it is with stevia. One cup of sugar is not equivalent to one cup of stevia. When it comes to cooking with stevia, less is more, unlike with sugar wherein you have to add more if you want to increase the sweet taste of your food or beverages. The most important key to success in cooking with stevia is the proper measurement and conversion. The same goes for baking with stevia. In addition, there are different kinds of stevia sweeteners (extract, powder, etc.) unlike sugar which only has one form. To help you more in cooking with stevia, keep the following tips in your mind to achieve the perfect sweet taste in your food:

1. Some people may think that stevia can only be used to sweeten food and drinks, much like other sweeteners. However, stevia can actually do more than that. With stevia, the flavour/s of the food is enhanced. The nutritional value of the food is increased as well. Thus, you shouldn’t limit your use of stevia to cooking or baking desserts. In fact, any meal can be sprinkled with a little amount of stevia powder or stevia liquid extract to add a little more flavour. You might be surprised with the results.

2. While cooking with stevia does mean enhancing the flavour of food, it does work best with certain types of food. It is best to use stevia with foods that have a strong or distinct flavour such as chocolate, coffee, lemon, berries, cheese, and others. On the other hand, avoid using stevia on foods with less or no flavor at all like vanilla, which has a very subtle taste, because its sweetness will remain largely unnoticed, nor will the flavour be enhanced in any way.

3. If you are accustomed to using sugar before, you probably noticed how it provides the thickness in baking or cooking recipes. For example, the gel form of jams and jellies are partly due to the sugar added to the mixture. In cooking with stevia, you will not get the exact output but you can make some adjustments. To add bulk or thickness to your recipe that would otherwise be provided for by sugar, try to add apple fiber, applesauce, yogurt or even sour cream.

4. When baking with stevia, it is also important to follow the correct sugar-to-stevia conversions. Most stevia products such as stevia powder and extract provide a conversion guide to help you when you switch from using sugar to stevia.

There are definitely a lot of benefits to cooking with stevia and it doesn’t have to be a difficult transition. For one, you can easily find online recipes that use stevia. Once you get used to the proper measurement and conversion of stevia sweeteners, you can transform any kind of dish into a sweet but healthy one without sacrificing its taste. All you need is a whole lot of practice and experimentation if you are serious enough to welcome stevia into your life. Give yourself and your family peace of mind when you eat sweet treats and other dish by using stevia sweeteners.

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