What is Stevia Glycerite?

Stevia GlyceriteMost sweets taste really good that it’s so difficult to keep away from them, especially if you have a sweet tooth. Eating too many sweets may lead to various diseases, such as tooth decay, obesity, or diabetes. Satisfying your sweet cravings can now be easier, though, thanks to Stevia glycerite. Be it liquid stevia or in any other form, using it can be a great alternative to table sugar.

The Stevia plant

Found mostly in Brazil and Paraguay, the species Stevia rebaudiana from the Stevia genus is grown primarily because of its sweet leaves. Steviol glycocides are the compounds that make the plant’s leaves and extracts sweet, and that sweetness greatly surpasses that of sucrose or table sugar. Hence, Stevia glycerite is basically a natural sweetener.

Forms of Stevia

You can get your Stevia fix in various forms. First, you can directly use the leaves from the Stevia plant, which is its freshest, most natural, and unrefined form. You can actually chew a Stevia leaf and feel like eating licorice.

For tea lovers, it’s best to use dried Stevia leaves because the drying and crushing involved make the sweetness even more potent. Dried Stevia leaves are actually sweeter than fresh ones. When finely crushed, the powder produced can be mixed in different beverages and dishes like pastries and cereals.

In its supplemental form, Stevia extract can come in green or white powder. Whole leaves are used to create the green powder, while the white powder is made by separating glycocides from the leaves. The green powder extract has more nutritional benefits than its white counterpart.

Stevia extract can also be in liquid form. Liquid Stevia can be black and syrupy as a result of boiling Stevia leaves in water. The leaves can also be steeped in distilled water. Another way is to mix Stevia powder concentrate with water.  Stevia glycerite, on the other hand, is a solution made up of stevia dissolved in vegetable  glycerine.


Because it is a natural sweetener that has no calories, Stevia glycerite can greatly benefit different groups of people.

Because it has zero calories, Stevia glycerite is ideal as a sugar substitute for obese people, body builders, or generally, people who would like to lose body fat. Its sweetness can subdue your cravings for sweets, or even food cravings in general. This is because it has the ability to fool your body into thinking that it’s already sated, decreasing your food and, therefore, calorie intake.

For diabetics, you won’t miss sweets with the help of Stevia glycerite. The glycocides from the Stevia plant cannot be metabolized by the human body, meaning these compounds simply pass through it. In addition, Steviol glycocides have regulating effects on the pancreas, which lead to stable blood sugar levels. Hence, Stevia glycerite is also helpful for people with hypoglycaemia and hypertension.

If you’re in need of dietary supplements, Stevia glycerite can provide various vitamins and minerals that are necessary for your body. The leaves from the Stevia plant contain Vitamins A and C as well as calcium, fiber, potassium, sodium, and zinc. Moreover, the compound also has properties that can fight fungi, tumors, inflammations, and diarrhea. It also has diuretic and immunomodulatory properties.

Other benefits of Stevia glycerite include the decrease of skin blemishes when applied topically, relief of stomach discomfort, improvement of moods, increase in energy and alertness levels, and growth stoppage of bacteria that cause cavities and gingivitis. It can also be a great sugar alternative when you bake, cook, or mix drinks.

Recommended dose

There is no exact amount recommended for the intake of Stevia glycerite. You just have to determine for yourself what your preferred daily intake is, but remember that even a small amount can yield sweetness that’s significantly greater than what sugar can bring you.


Brands that use Stevia glycerite:

Some of the popular brands that have this compound include Trader Joe’s, SweetLeaf, Whole Foods, NuNaturals, Swanson, and one of the more well-known ones, Now Stevia extract. Now Stevia extract is also known as Better Stevia Glycerite. It is free of alcohol and calories, but is full of natural Stevia plant extracts. Food and drinks can be sweetened by using three to five drops of this liquid sweetener.

These brands can be bought online or in health food stores. They may have different tastes, so find one that suits yours.

Whether you want to lose weight, manage your blood sugar, or simply want to have a healthier lifestyle, Stevia glycerite may help you on your way to an improved you. This natural sweetener is definitely better than its artificial counterparts.


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